Friday, 3 January 2014

Nails, nails, nails

"You can tell a lot by a person's nails; when a life starts to unravel, they're among the first to go"
 (Ian McEwan)

I am a firm believer in nail polish being able to add a little sparkle to an outfit. No matter what you are wearing nail polish can make an outfit pop. One of my favourite brands when it comes to colour selection has to be Nails Inc. Their colour selection is extensive, with colours to suit every imaginable occasion.

So with this love for Nails Inc there was no doubt that their polishes would make an appearance on my Christmas list. Now the colours I picked were perhaps admittedly a little summery, it doesn't hurt to dream of times when you can show off a fancy new colour on your toes without dying of frostbite.

I think these colours will work beautifully in the spring, my favourite has to be Devonshire Row. Being a girl naturally my eye is drawn to pinks so when I spotted this perfect shade of pinkness I had to get it. What I love about this colour is that it's not just a pink, it's got a tinge of purple ness to it which really makes it unique.

Royal botanical gardens is the perfect pastel and Nails Inc have labelled this as a new trend shade. The shade is a beautiful duck egg blue with a hint of green. As with any polishes the best results come from applying two coats plus a top coat. If I don't do this I do tend to find they can chip quite easily.

Now for something different - what attracted me to this Baker Street polish is how vibrant it is, it really is a shade that you could wear on your nails and people would stop and ask you what are you wearing. Personally this is a shade that I would wear more on my toes just because I find it's the hardest to match outfits with. That being said it is still a gorgeous colour which I am proud to add to my collection!

From left to right: Devonshire Row, Royal Botanical gardens and Baker Street